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Eviction Law Application

Tenants have rights that need to be protected from by unscrupulous land lords, which is the purpose of the tenant laws. There are so many tenants who do not know what their rights are, and suffer at the mercy of these land lords. Tenants laws were out in place for this very reason. These laws also give them a chance to push back when they have been pushed.

you cannot accept an eviction notice that does not have a court order accompanying it. The notice should go to court, from where a law enforcement officer or another party not party to the case shall present it to you. It is not right for them to deliver it personally or to hang it on your door. That shall be categorized as improper delivery and the case can be dismissed. You need to ask an attorney to clarify any part of the delivery you are not sure of.

It is also not right for you to be issued with an eviction notice around the same time you were expecting the landlord to fix a problem with the house but they choose to go this way. The reason for the eviction could be a way to avoid the repairs. The law will not favor them if they do this. There are differences in such laws as per each state, which necessitates you to ask your attorney form the local applicable laws.

You also need to be aware of the balance that tenant laws contain. They are fair so that all the concerned parties are treated so. You can be sure the presiding judge knows all about them to give you a fair chance. All you need is the services of an experienced attorney in matters of tenant law.

You must also see to it that you reply to any legal notice you receive from the landlord. There is a time frame allocated for that, usually within a month of receiving the notice. In case you don’t, the case can be ruled against you due to such a technicality. You need to at least write a letter back, but ensure an attorney helps you do so. The response is expected to be in line with the tenant laws. This stresses the importance of having such an attorney present.

You need to know that landlords do get their fair share of losing in such cases. When they are protecting their rights, tenants might see it as unfair to them. As an eviction case goes on, the judge will be looking not to hurt anyone’s rights. All you need is adequate representation in the case.

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