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5 Popular Computer Network Design Topologies

When it comes to computer network design, it is integral to have clear understanding of what star, bus, ring topologies and the likes are. Whenever designing a computer network, it must be able to meet set of rules that is all referred to as topology. Nowadays, the most widely used topology is Ethernet which compose of computers as well as peripheral cables in specific ways. The main reason for this is that, Ethernet is fast to use, easy to set up and use and what most loved about it is the fact that it’s cheap. As a matter of fact, there are two different types of Ethernet and these are the fast and standard Ethernet.

As you read on the next paragraphs, you are going to be mindful about other topologies used which can help you have better understanding of how to create complex network.

Number 1. Bus topology – basically, this type of topology is using backbone when connecting a device. For this reason, the backbone has got cable that serve as shared communication medium to which to her devices may be connected on. As a matter of fact, this topology isn’t that hard to install and for the cabling, there aren’t many of it is needed. If you are using limited devices, they can provide you the best level of performance.

Number 2. Ring topology – in this form of computer network design, there are going to be two neighbors for every device with regards to communication. It’s for this that every data travels in the same direction whether it is counterclockwise or clockwise. Say that any of these have failed, it’ll cause the whole network to stall and fail afterwards.

When using ring network, every device has two neighbors for the communication process. All messages sent are going to travel in the same direction in the ring. Failure in the cable or the device is going to break the loop which will take down the network.

Number 3. Star topology – the truth is, residential properties are the ones that are taking advantage of this topology. This features connection point similar to a hub switch or router and devices are using UTP Ethernet to connect.

Number 4. Tree topology – in relation to this computer network design, it is using multiple start topologies that are connected onto a bus. This is providing outstanding expandability of network and it is a lot better than a bus or a star.

Number 5. Mesh topology – routes concept is what used by this computer network design. All of the messages that are sent in this topology format are given with its set path before it is able to reach its final destination. Whether you believe it or not, the internet is a very popular example of mesh routing.

News For This Month: Networks

News For This Month: Networks