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Primary Network Security Best Practices You Should Implement

All businesses need various preventive measures that will keep their networks and systems safe from intrusion by third parties. New threats are being discovered nearly every day. Today’s cyber breaches are as a result of sophisticated malware, which may be undetected in the network for a long time.

For example, some cybercriminals have been known to take over control of an organization’s systems and asking for a ransom to hand over the control. Some criminals also develop malware programs that export customer or organizational data to an external host. These modern attacks make not only your data vulnerable to being manipulated by third parties, but also your systems. Moreover, things will be even more serious if the attacks are not identified on time.

Cyber-attack threats are very real to all types of organizations. This is why security advocates emphasis on the need of having a cyberattack plan.

How to Prepare for Cyber Threats
To keep your business safe from cybercriminals, you have to stay ahead of the game. Always keep learning about cyber security technology. Apart from this, you should know the present threats your business faces and how you can defend against them.

With time, cyber security threats become more sophisticated. This is one of the primary reasons why cyber defense should be part of your core business security plan. Below are two simple tips you can follow to ensure your business network is secure.

Maintain Your Business Antivirus Software
Today, hackers are using more sophisticated malwares to launch their attacks. For instance, some malware attacks are so difficult to detect since they happen in irregular intervals and mimic normal system operations. One of the best ways of protecting your company from malware attacks is by ensuring you have a strong and updated anti-virus software.

If you are using a commercial antivirus program, check whether it has all the latest updates. Whenever there is a new update of your antivirus, make sure you install it immediately. The new updates are usually released by developers to protect systems against newly-identified vulnerabilities. Protecting your network using an updated antivirus software will go a long way in ensuring your data and systems are not compromised.

Confirm Your System Permissions
In some cases, you may be more at risk of internal threats than external ones. For example, when you have a disgruntled employee, this increases the risk of your network security. Therefore, it is important to put up security measures to address access to the network by employees. For instance, there is no reason why an employee that is no longer with the business should continue having access to the network. Make sure all network privileges of all terminated employees are stopped.

The above are some ways of securing your network.

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